Drafting Parenting Plans That Work

Drafting Parenting Plans That Work

Crafting a Conflict-Preventing Parenting Plan: Your Key to Smooth Co-Parenting

What's included in the Drafting Parenting Plans That Work ebook:

  • A well-crafted parenting plan is very important, even more so in high conflict coparenting situations. Many times, clients will opt for form or cookie-cutter parenting plans because “we get along and don’t need that”. Keep in mind that the parenting plan is specifically designed for when you DO NOT get along and in coparenting that can occur at times, even in the most ideal situations. Coparenting is always a fluid situation subject to ebbs and flows. For example, I frequently see clients who have been successful at coparenting for many years and when a new spouse is introduced, the situation deteriorates into discord and hostility. I recommend investing time and thought into crafting your parenting plan, with the mindset that if there were rough waters ahead, you have a plan that you can live with.

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