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When faced with legal issues related to family matters such as divorce, child custody, adoption, or paternity, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a caring and proficient lawyer. The attorneys at Lecour Family Law are committed to providing unwavering support to O'Fallon families during these challenging situations.

O'Fallon, Missouri, Has Much To Offer

If you're looking for a destination with a variety of tourist attractions and activities, O'Fallon, Missouri, has plenty to offer. From scenic countryside tours to exciting outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, O'Fallon's rich history, vibrant atmosphere, and unique experiences will make your trip unforgettable. Be sure to check out the city's top attractions.

Top O’Fallon Attractions

Historic Heald Home

The City of O'Fallon bought the Historic Heald Home and its land for $1 from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in 1978. When the O'Fallon Community Foundation came into existence in 1998, they took on preserving the Darius Heald House in Fort Zumwalt Park as their first project. The foundation worked alongside the Board of Aldermen and City staff to restore the historic home. In 2001, the Heald Home was fully restored, keeping the original interior woodwork and reopening the fireplaces throughout the house. Today, the Heald Home is one of the must-visit historic attractions in the City of O'Fallon.

Zumwalt's Fort

This park is full of information and culture, and it's a great place to start your journey if you're looking for an educational experience or want some fun out and about. The O'Fallon area was once considered the leading edge of the American frontier. In 1799, when Daniel Boone and his family settled a few miles away, the wilderness was a place where Native Americans hunted, fished, and trapped game. Around the same time, Jacob Zumwalt and his extended family came to settle in the O'Fallon area, building a sizeable log home in the process. When the War of 1812 broke out a few years later, local families found refuge in Zumwalt's Fort, which was said to have been fortified with a stockade fence. The fort was one of over 35 "settler forts" that used to stand in Missouri, with Boone's Fort being the largest. Today, the reconstructed Zumwalt's Fort serves as a gift to the City from the O'Fallon Community Foundation and is the only rebuilt War of 1812 settler fort in the state.

Civic Park Log Cabin Museum

The museum houses various O'Fallon artifacts, such as a miniature version of Zumwalt's Fort and items from the Wabash Railroad. Visitors can see hats and clothing from the 19th century, an immigrant's trunk, and a foldable bed for covered wagon travel. In addition, visitors can view a Regina "talking machine," a portable organ commonly utilized during weddings and funerals, as well as 1950s beauty parlor equipment.

9-11 Memorial

The City of O'Fallon honored America's First Responders on September 11, 2005, by dedicating a memorial. The brave police officers, firefighters, and paramedics are the first to respond to emergencies and are recognized for their service. The 17-foot monument is made from 22 tons of steel taken from the rubble of New York City's World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. A plaque pays tribute to the 346 firefighters and 37 police officers who lost their lives while trying to rescue victims trapped in the Twin Towers during the terrorist attacks. A Plexiglas case inside City Hall showcases a section of the World Trade Center's red steel core. Both monuments' materials were gifted to O'Fallon by New York City in 2001. 

Fun Outdoor Activities in O'Fallon

O'Fallon, Missouri, is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. There are loads of exciting activities and tours ranging from biking to kayaking that provide something fun for everyone. If you're looking at taking on an easy day hike or planning a daring overnight camping trip - O'Fallon has it all! For those passionate about nature, the city features numerous trails accessible by bike or foot that offer spectacular views throughout your journey. Noteworthy is Katy Trail State Park, with over 250 miles of picturesque trails running along the majestic Missouri River Valley – perfect for cycling enthusiasts!

Ozzie Smith Sports Complex

This 76-acre park is dedicated to baseball and softball, and it's named after the renowned Hall-of-Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith, who played for the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. CarShield Field, a modern baseball stadium, is also located here. Additionally, the park provides seven illuminated outdoor baseball/softball fields for league games, restrooms, a concession stand, and a playground.

The Falls Golf Club

The Falls Golf Club provides an excellent venue for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to competitive players. The club takes pride in its history of hosting prestigious tournaments by the PGA, MGA, and USGA. They have 18 holes for players to enjoy.

O'Day Park

Located just off Highway DD, O'Day Park is a 57-acre park in the countryside. It features the area's first adventure playground, a one-of-a-kind play experience suitable for children of all ages. In addition, the park is home to the O'Day Lodge, which boasts a top-notch meeting, banquet, conference center, and an outdoor amphitheater. Moreover, the park has numerous paved and natural trails, though some paths are still under development. Scout and youth groups can also enjoy group camping on-site.

Westhoff Plaza Skate and BMX Complex

Paul A. Westhoff Park in O'Fallon has a skateboarding, BMX biking, and inline skating facility that includes various obstacles for all age groups to challenge their abilities. The custom-built concrete design includes grind rails and ledges, a bank ramp, a quarter pipe ramp, a stair set, hubba ledges, a mini volcano, a jump gap, and a six-foot bowl.

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